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Who’s Your Favorite?

ShoeMoney Guest Posters were asked their favorite PPC engine. Here’s a brief summary of the results:

Gman: AdSense
Harrison Gevirtz: Yahoo
Dave Davis: Ask
Shane Navratil: AdSense
Peter Davis: AdWords
Don Lawson: MIVA (Findwhat.com)
Patrick Kelley: AdSense
Dan Moon: AdWords
Brian Ostergaard: Yahoo, AdWords, Ask (Brian couldn’t make up his mind!)
Brandon Hopkins: 7sites.com
Michael Lemovitz: AdWords
Shane Coffee: Chitika
Benjamin Burns: AdCenter
Joe Preston: SuperPages
Dave Rigotti: AdWords

Max Speed

If the Pole Position Marketing team had a muse—and it does—it would be Max Speed. We love Max’s occasionally off-color, usually amusing and always pointed “Maxisms.” (Maybe “Maxims” would be a better word.) Max gives voice to some of the things we think but, bound by professional decorum, aren’t permitted to say. At least, not out loud.

2 Responses to Who’s Your Favorite?

  1. Diana Adams says:

    Spelling counts!!!!

    Sorry about that Michael! I had copy/pasted from the Shoemoney.

    I should have it fixed it for you now!

  2. Monetize Your Mind says:

    Jeremy spelled it wrong on his listing, but my name is Michael Lemovitz. Thank you for the link, and I hope you enjoyed the write-up!

    – Mike