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Why You Need to Anticipate the Arrival of Every Website Visitor

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The biggest difference between a visitor to your home and having a guest is this: You anticipate a guest’s arrival. You may welcome each of them the same, but a visitor doesn’t necessarily see you at your best. But a guest does. And the reason for that is because, unlike a visitor, a guest is planned for.

You need to start treating every website visitor as a guest, and anticipate their arrival before they get there. Here’s how:

Step 1: Clean up around the house

Try to look at your website through fresh eyes. Sometimes we see our site so often we become blind to obvious problems. Find and fix any usability issues you can uncover. Not just once, but every day. There is always something on your site that can be improved. Just because you didn’t fix it for the last guest doesn’t mean you can’t (or shouldn’t) fix it for the next.


  • Run tools through your site fixing any architecture and usability issues.

  • Broken links, hard-to-access pages, and forms that don’t work should all be fixed.

Step 2: Prepare for their needs

When we have guests, we put the coffee on, bring out the snacks, and make sure we have something to offer them to drink. Every guest has different needs, which means you need to address those needs quickly. Building optimized landing pages that address these needs is the best way to be prepared for your guests.


  • Great content that is designed to meet specific needs of your visitors.

  • Build, optimize, and test your landing pages to ensure guests find what they need quickly and are able to move on.

If you start anticipating the arrival of your visitors guests, you’ll find that your site does a better job of converting visitors into customers. You won’t have to spend so much time reacting but proactively making sure your site meets the needs of what your visitors truly want.

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