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Good Word of Mouth Knows No Geographical Barriers

SEO has no Geographical Borders

We do a lot of local networking. As I write this I’m just hours away from heading out to one of the big networking events for our local area. I often have to ask myself, why do we do this? When your audience is national, does local networking really help?

Yes, I believe it does. Good word of mouth knows no geographical barriers.

Making connections locally is no better or worse than any other connection, whether it’s made via social media, at a conference or via some other channel. It’s one person who may, someday, be instrumental in driving you more business either directly or indirectly.

It’s kind of like a candle in the center of a dark room. Add more candles and the sphere of light grows brighter. Every time I network locally I see my authority get brighter and reach go farther.

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