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Yahoo Sees Surge in 2Q Profits

The Associated Press is reporting that Yahoo has seen a 6-fold increase in its second quarter profits [Sorry, link no longer available.] I normally don’t care or write about such things but I find it a shame when a companies profits are largely based on the selling of stock it owns in its main rival.

But Yahoo generated most of the earnings growth by selling the remaining chunk of its stake in its archrival, online search leader Google Inc.

I’m all for Yahoo!’s success and would hope to see them invest this money into produceing something BEFORE Google, rather than being the “me-too” search engine. Yahoo! Mindset is a step in that direction.

Just as an aside, I could not remember the name of Yahoo! Mindset so I went to Yahoo! and search for “Yahoo mind“. I didn’t find what I was looking for so I had to go to Google to perform the same search and found what I wanted in the 8th position.

Yahoo Mindset

Not exactly taking me to Yahoo Mindset, but at least I was able to find the name, which enabled me to find exactly what I wanted after a second search on Yahoo. Doing a

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