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Everything I Know About Messaging I Learned From My Kids

Everything I know about messaging

So it’s just another random weekday morning at the Graff household. . .

Mornings are "ruff" at our house
Mornings are “ruff” at our house

Only today, my children have inexplicably decided to get up a half hour early. Trying to allow my husband his extra half hour of sleep, I tell my 5-year-old to be quiet as she is getting ready. Several reminders and a dirty look later, she was still talking like I was two rooms away.

The thought entered my mind: I’m a marketer. I’m supposed to be able to pursuade people to do things. Why can’t I get my own kid to be quiet.

That’s when a light bulb went off: Messaging is like raising children. Let me count the ways . . .

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How (Not) to Outsource Your Social Media Marketing

Outsource social media marketingLet’s assume for a second that there is such a thing as a perfectly optimized website. There isn’t, but walk with me into the land of make believe. For the sake of this exercise, we’ll assume the following:

  • All title tags are perfectly optimized
  • All content is perfectly optimized
  • All page tags are perfectly optimized
  • The user experience is perfectly optimized
  • The site code/architecture is perfectly streamlined
  • Site speed is perfectly optimized
  • Mobile version of site performs perfectly

On top of that we’ll assume that there are no changes being made to the site, no new products being added or removed and the site has zero glitches. Essentially, it’s at 100% performance on all levels.

The question then becomes, what is left for the web marketing team to do?

Answer: a lot!

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The Value of the Visitor Metric

visitor metricIf you sell a product or service, tracking visits and visitors to your site has very little overall value as an independent metric. Where tracking visits does become valuable is in conjunction with other metrics.

Traffic metrics themselves can be easily manipulated. And many web marketers actually engage in practices that are designed to drive up visitor hits to the site without any consideration as to whether those visitors are the site’s target audience. For many, this is just old-fashioned SEO. Their job is to get rankings (and traffic), but it’s up to the business to convert that traffic into customers.

Unfortunately, this is an outdated SEO philosophy, and one that provides little value to the customer.

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75 Content Ideas to Keep Readers Engaged

75 content ideas

When you think of “content,” what do you think of? If you are like most people, you think of text, usually a blog post. While your standard blog post is a great way to get a message across, you can easily bore your audience if that’s the only type of content you use. As you will read in my latest Marketing Land article, there are many, many other types of content. In fact, I list 75 different content ideas in the post. Check it out, and don’t forget to download our free content planner that will help ensure your content stays varied and interesting.

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What is Website Authority, and Why Do You Need It?

website authority

Building up a website’s “authority” has been a focus of web marketers since Google rolled out their first algorithm built around links. Prior to that, SEOs focused almost exclusively on keyword optimization of content, but Google changed the game.

Of course, back then it was simply about grabbing as many links as possible, but that was, in a way, all about building up the site’s authority through link volume.

The algorithms don’t work that way anymore as the raw number of links only has a little to do with building up a site’s authority. But while raw links matter less, website authority is still hugely important to the overall success of a website online, including the ability of that site to achieve top search engine rankings!

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Don’t Lose Your (Website’s) Voice

Don't lose your website voice

Our websites need to be many things. Findable, usable and valuable all come to mind. Part of providing a valuable website is creating one that is unique from all the rest.

You can create a unique site by having a unique set of products or services, focusing in on a niche,  or having a cool approach. Those are are all fantastic, but sometimes you’re stuck with what you have. What’s a marketing manager to do if they can’t influence what the business offers?

Every site has an opportunity to be unique! It’s just a matter of finding your voice.

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How Pizza Hut Got Social Media Criticism Right

How Pizza Hut Got Social Media Criticism Right

There’s something about Pizza Hut that takes me back to my childhood. Maybe it’s that smell when you walk in the door. I can almost hear Phil Collins “Take a Look at Me Now” playing on the jukebox when I catch a whiff of that delicious pizza.

Unfortunately, my children’s first memory of this establishment will be of Mommy almost losing her sh**. But don’t worry kids, this story has a happy ending  . . . for both us and Pizza Hut.

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With Great Social Media Opportunity Comes Requires Great Responsbility


Great social media opportunity requires great responsibility

I love the line in Spider-Man (the Toby Maguire films, not the emo-travesty, suckfest of the recently updated versions), “With great power comes great responsibility.” It’s an absolutely true line that everyone should take to heart. After all, we all wield some form of power in our lives and businesses. (Including the filmmakers of The Amazing Spiderman, who clearly abused their powers by letting these films see the light of day.)

As you have probably already figured out, the title of this post is a play on words from that great line. And while my version is probably considerably less important in the grand scheme of life, it’s no less true for any business looking to succeed online. As with all things businesses strive to do, doing social media with greatness is essential.

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Don’t Lose Focus: Keep Social Media Engagement on the Front Burner

Keep focused on social media engagement.

Have you ever heard it said that important tasks often get trumped by urgent tasks? It’s true. Every day we have a number of important things that need to get done, but when something urgent comes along, what do we do? We drop the important to take care of the urgent, regardless of how important the first task is.

This is just as true in web marketing as it is in life. Social media is an important part of building a web presence, but guess what I am most likely to put on the backburner? That’s right, my social media efforts.

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