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Rest Assured! 6 Types of Content That Give Visitors the Assurances They Seek


Having a successful digital marketing campaign requires a lot of things to be going on at once:

  • Drive traffic to the website
  • Provide solutions to visitor problems
  • Convince visitors your solutions are better than a competitors
  • Keep visitors engaged until they convert

That’s a simplified version of course, and each of those steps have a lot of steps of their own. But there is no doubt that if any one of these steps is missing or is inadequate, the site will fail to perform.

One of the most significant drivers in visitor acquisition and conversion is content. I could go on all day about all the different types of content your site needs, or you can just check out our content planner and save yourself the redundancy.

Of all the content you can produce, one of the most important is the kind that gives your visitor assurances. You can have all the right content and information on your site, but if your content fails to assure visitors that doing business with you is a good idea, you will fail to gain the customers you’re looking for.

Aside from providing assurances specifically related to your products or services, there are a few other types of content that provide assurances visitors want.

Six Content Assurances Your Site Needs

  • About the Company: Until you’re a nationally recognized brand, (Think Amazon, Nike, Walmart, etc.) you need an About Us page that tells a bit about your story and personnel. This information can satisfy the unconscious assurance that many people use in deciding the trustworthiness of your company.

  • Contact Information: Easy to find contact information allows visitors to know (or at least feel) that you are accessible. That can be a big hurdle when choosing to do business with an unknown entity. You want to provide as many contact options as possible–the more you have the more trust assurance is dealt out.

  • Organization Memberships: Being a part of a larger organization or group shows visitors that you have put yourself under some form of oversight. Local chambers, the Better Business Bureau, or industry organizations are all worthwhile to join and proudly display on your site. While most visitors won’t care about the organization itself, it has a way of “proving” your legitimacy as a business.

  • Privacy Links: Privacy is a big concern. Many people are leary about submitting their personal information unless they know it won’t be used for nefarious purposes. Every form on your site should have a link to a page that outlines your privacy policies and what you do with their personal information.

  • Security Seals: If you require sensitive information, such as credit card, social security number, or even a password, it’s critical that you have a secure (https) site. Along with that, you can bolster the credibility of your security by using reputable secure services, such as McAfee, Authorize.Net, Norton, etc., that allow you to place a badge on your site demonstrating your secure authenticity.

  • Quality Design: Your site design can provide one of the most immediate assurances to your visitors. Sites that appear out dated and/or use non hi-res imagery for products lack credibility. If you lack credibility there, it’s difficult to get it back, even using the other assurances above. Keep your site visuals up to date with current web standards–especially up to the standards of others in your industry.

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