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Are you Measuring Your Online Marketing Campaigns Correctly?

A recent study suggests that most SEO/Ms are not using the proper metrics for measuring their client’s online marketing campaigns.

[F]our out of 10 search marketers are being evaluated based on business goals, such as ROI or total sales generated. Instead, most marketers are being measured against intermediate metrics, like Web site traffic volume or top search engine ranking.

For years rankings and traffic have been the de facto measurement for online marketing campaigns, however that trend does seem to be changing. Obviously not quickly enough. While I think its impractical to get away from measuring rankings and/or traffic, those should not be the only measurements used to gage success.

Pole Position Marketing has an incredible client management system, which includes many of the typical measuring systems, however we also have a robust ROI Calculator which allows clients to measure everything from page views, unique visitors, to sales, conversion rates, cost per sale and quite a bit more.

Not to just toot our own horn here but the calculator also allows our clients to measure off-line marketing successes along with the online. Here is more from the study:

“Most people build a Web site to have an impact on the buying continuum. If someone converts off line, and you’re not linking it with your search marketing efforts, you’re not evaluating the full returns you’re generating, and you can’t make a full evaluation.”

While we still deal with many clients that look primarily at rankings and traffic, we are working to change that mindset. Those measurements are good, but what really matter is conversions and sales.

Thanks to Marketer Today for the tip.

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