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Best of EMP, Jan – Dec 2007

Finally, to wrap up 2007 here is a list of our most popular posts last year, as determined by most page views.

  1. From No to Know – How to Get Started in SEO/Marketing Copywriting – Michelle Montoya
  2. 20 Ways to NAVIGATE to Higher Conversions – Stoney deGeyter
  3. Qualities of a Good Leader – Stoney deGeyter
  4. Social Media and Viral Marketing – Four Ways to Increase Your Odds – Michelle Montoya
  5. The Power of .Htaccess – Rob Woods
  6. The All Mighty Thank You Ashley Graham
  7. Clever New Baskin Robbins Logo – Stoney deGeyter
  8. Stealing From the Best: Grok’s Copywriting Cheat Sheet Explained – Michelle Montoya
  9. Don’t Bamboozle Your Readers: Honesty in Copywriting is Key – Michelle Montoya
  10. Superbowl Commercial Recap: 1st Half – Stoney deGeyter
  11. 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Copywriters – Michelle Montoya
  12. Superbowl Commercial Recap: 2nd Half – Stoney deGeyter
  13. Misidentified as a Scammer – Stoney deGeyter
  14. The SEO Fool’s Errand for the SEO Fool – Stoney deGeyter
  15. Link Bait is the New Reciprocal Link – Stoney deGeyter

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