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Constructing Effective Web Pages: Page Keywords

Page Keywords

The keywords you wish to associate with each page can be added using the Meta Keywords tag and can also be found in the same vicinity as the title tag. As with the Meta Description, the Meta Keywords tag is not viewable on the page.

< head >

< title >< /title >
< meta name="description" content=""/ >
< meta name="keywords" content="e-marketing intelligence, Internet marketing information, search marketing resources, search marketing industry news"/ >

< /head >

Search engines used to heavily weigh the Meta Keywords but today they are virtually ignored due to abuse. Some website marketers don’t even bother with a keyword tag anymore, while others still feel that it should be utilized but kept short and clean. Don’t try and fit every keyword for your site in the keyword tag, but only what is relevant to each particular page. Only use words in the keyword tag that are found in the viewable textual content of any given page and don’t worry too much about the format (commas, no commas, etc.).

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