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Constructing Effective Web Pages

Even if you employ or hire programmers and designers to handle all of the coding elements of your website, it is important for you to have a basic understanding of the various web page elements. Ignorance of such things is only bliss until you realize you spent hundreds of dollars on a project only to find out that it doesn’t quite meet your needs.

I made this mistake a while back when I paid a programmer to build a tool for our clients to use. The initial development of the tool functioned fine. Later, though, I found out that adding new functionality and improvements would require that the tool be rebuilt in a different programming language that offered more flexibility.

For any single web page to be effective very little is actually needed. More often then not, the less you have, the better a page performs. Having a basic understanding of the construct of your web pages allows you to ensure proper progress of your development and marketing teams and that their work will ultimately be able to perform to expectations while allowing room for growth. For marketing purposes there are many key elements of a web page that must be utilized properly and efficiently in order for it to be effective.

Over the next few day’s I’ll talk about each of these elements in greater detail. Feel free to search this blog for all posts in this series on Constructing Effective Web Pages.