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Digital Marketing Tools All Experts Should Use in 2019

The use of technological digital marketing tools is common and we would say essential.

Otherwise, it would not be a form of digital promotion.

However, the appearance of new tools is constant and what is now a novelty, tomorrow is obsolete.

Next, we will mention some of the tools that mostly began to be used a few months ago and that today are becoming the most popular.

The following tools help digital marketing experts become geniuses of promotional campaigns.

Along with the creativity and marketing skills that each participant in this world brings with them.

They are also the road that leads to a great campaign for companies of the most varied items, from a small shop selling clothes to a platform with the best online casino games. Undoubtedly, they must be considered urgently.

  • Hunter

Email is still a way to promote a company, although it may seem a bit outdated to many. However, experts in digital marketing campaigns still value their power to attract the attention of potential customers. The problem arises when you need to get the proper email address, and that’s what Hunter is for.

This tool offers the possibility of obtaining the list of public emails belonging to a domain. This result is obtained by placing the domain in the Hunter search engine.

  • Meet Edgard

This tool has a charming name, but it is also very effective, especially for those who need to be a little more organized in their digital marketing work connected to networks.

With Meet Edgard you can authorize and program all the content that you want to publish on social networks. In this way, it is possible to organize all the publications that are made on different platforms.

For example, with this application libraries are created where the information that was used or will be available is available, and it will be shared automatically in the latter case.

  • MailChimp

As we mentioned earlier, emails continue to be a powerful tool for online promotion. That’s why Mailchimp can be the secret weapon for those who want to send mass email campaigns.

With MailChimp, you can customize a variety of templates, and also add calls to action and links.

  • Google Search Console

Without a doubt, we have to know how Google sees our website or that of our clients when we work in the world of digital marketing.

With Google Search Console it is possible to know which points are not working as we expect and thus optimize them. In addition, this application sends notifications when it detects security problems.

The tools mentioned above are just some of those that are already being used by experts in online marketing, however, there are many more and surely in a short time, they will be replaced by others.

In the meantime, you have to use the most convenient ones for each endeavor and enjoy the benefits they offer.


NOTE: This article has been written by the help of Devoo Banna.

A Managing Director and Editor of Digital Marketing Trends. I’m Digital Marketing & SEO Consultant for all businesses ~ I fix SEO disasters – Vlogger who loves to do Video ★ Content ★ Infographic ★ Mobile ★ Apps Marketing! Connect with him on Twitter.

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