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Seek to Educate, Not Just Inform

It is important to provide visitors with educational content.

Just about all content is designed to inform. In fact, that’s what content really is: Information.

Information can be many things, but not all content is inherently valuable. However, there is one type of content that is almost universally valuable to every reader: educational content.

To educate someone is to provide them with information that they don’t already know or that confirms something they suspected to be true. How do you do that? By bringing something new to the table.

Ever read a biography or a historical book? Truth is, most writers are not saying anything that someone else hasn’t already said. But what they are doing is combining already known resources and facts and presenting their interpretation of events in a new way. Perhaps they did some investigative research of their own and found additional, little known information.

The point is, if such authors just rehashed what was already known, there would be little value in reading their book(s). On the other hand, they make sure they have something new to share. Your content must do the same.

If your content fails to educate, it will ultimately be considered of little or no value. Don’t just write the same things searchers can find on other websites. Instead, write with a unique perspective, providing new and original insights, that will help your audience walk away having learned something they can’t from any other site.

Content that fails to educate simply fails. [Tweet This]

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