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You Have Great Content, But is Anyone Seeing It?

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Content is an important part of your web marketing campaign. Not only is it your primary way to communicate value, but it also helps you build much needed authority.

But good web marketing doesn’t end with content, even if it super-duper great content. If fact, that’s just one element of a successful marketing campaign. The best content on earth won’t do you any good if no one sees it. It’s like a great band playing to empty seats. Great content needs to be both optimized and promoted over social media to have an impact. [Tweet This]

And if your content is on a less than search engine- or user-friendly platform, you’re going to have trouble getting traction with even the best content.

So yes, invest in content marketing, but don’t stop there. Your content needs a framework and a structure both for where it resides and for how it’s going to be promoted. Neglecting those things is the best way to ensure your content stays very lonely.

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