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Give People What They Want… How They Want It


I just got my copy of Live. Die. Repeat (aka Edge of Tomorrow) on Blu-ray. I’m still old school so I like having the physical copy of movies that I buy. But since I travel a lot I have taking the time to burn all of my movies and DVDs into my iTunes account. Whenever possible, I look for movies that come with the digital copy.

It used to be easy. When a movie came with the digital copy it meant you could choose one of a few different options. Usually iTunes or Windows Media. But now, there are a lot of competing digital services, most notably, UltraViolet.

That’s fine with me, I’m a big fan of competition. But I’m not a fan of limited options. I’m frequently finding that the digital copy options are being limited to one: UltraViolet.

I don’t use UltraViolet and I don’t want to start. So why can’t I download to iTunes like before? Some movies have multiple options and that’s great. But others, not so much. What gives?

My point? Don’t force people to select options they don’t want. Whether it’s about your products, services or even your website, give people the freedom to choose things that fit their wants and needs best. I understand that there have to be some constraints sometimes, but don’t add them unnecessarily. If it’s just as easy to provide options, do it.

People are creatures of habit. Let them stay in their comfort zone and cater to them, don’t make them cater to you.

Addendum: Why can’t I order a physical copy of a book and get the digital copy with it, like movies? Hopefully some publisher out there is reading this and taking notes.

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