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How to Reduce The Size of Your PDFs (When Saving From Microsoft Word)


Saving word documents as PDFs is pretty straight forward, however it doesn’t always produce the most size- and speed-efficient PDF. There is a short process to follow when saving your documents that will ensure you get the most streamlined PDF possible.

Save as Minimum Size

When saving a word document to PDF format, follow this procedure to ensure the PDF is created in the smallest size possible:

  • In Word, click Save As

  • Under Save as Type, select PDF

  • Select Minimum Size

  • Click Options

  • Make sure “ISO 19005-1 compliant (PDF/A)” and “Bitmap text when fonts may not be embedded” are not checked.


I’ll continue to cover the full PDF optimization process over the course of a series of posts. Your homework for today is to re-save all your Word documents as a PDF checking the settings above. Then come back or subscribe to our blog to get the rest of the next step of the PDF optimization process.

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