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How to Increase your Instagram Stories Views

Which thing explode on Instagram, of course, Instagram stories. Because it is one of the most used features of Instagram that helps you to increase engagement.  But getting more views on your Instagram stories is a bit challenging but it is not impossible. Today, we’ll discuss some great ways that surely help you to increase more Instagram story views.


If you want to get more eyeballs on your content then add hashtags. Use the hashtags stickers to make it more prominent. Instagram allows you to add 10 hashtags on your story while you can use only one hashtag sticker. When you add hashtags to your Instagram, there are more chances that your story will get a feature in the hashtag search and reach a number of new users on this platform.


By adding the location sticker on the Instagram story, there is a possibility that you get featured on that location search on Instagram’s story. But try to use country location rather than a city or town that helps you to increase your Instagram story views by up to 5 times.


In order to get more Instagram story views, use interactive sticker elements to draw the attention of the audience e.g. use polls, swipe questions, etc. When you use these interactive elements then viewers can interact with your content and give you positive feedback. Moreover, you can also build a relationship with your loyal followers.


On Instagram, one thing that matters a lot when it comes to getting more story view i.e. how often you post your story. It is recommended that you should post one story in a day and you can post several stories at a different time of the day and buy Instagram likes for more interaction.

If you don’t wanna do it yourself, you might hire a social media manager for you. Or, if you have a low budget you should consider Seedx.us (a Social Media Marketing Agency Los Angeles) for yourself. 

When you upload a new story, Instagram creates a circle around your Instagram profile photo. People can see your story when they notice the pink circle around your profile photo that means something new is here to view.

The post behind the scene Content: People are so curious and want to see what is happening behind the scene. So sharing a BTS video with your audience is a great way to get more eyes on your content. The reason is that people love the content that you clicked before the picture perfectly. Moreover, it also shows the human side of your brand.

Go Live:

When you go live, Instagram sends the notification to your followers that increases the chances to get more views on your Instagram story. Also, people love to watch live video as they want to watch what is happening right now. Instagram lets you replay your live video for one day. Always comes with great ideas when you go live. Keep your audience engaged with interesting and unique content. People can see the live video when you open your Instagram story section.


These tips and tricks will surely help you to get more Instagram story views. All you need to have applied them properly.

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