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Keyword Selection Tips: Avoid Single-Word Keywords

Single-word queries generally produce the highest volume of searches, but also the lowest amount of targeted traffic. Many people start their searches with single word-keywords only to find that the results are not targeted for their specific need. They then go back to refine their search, often multiple times.

Let’s say you’re looking for a doll for your daughter so you go to Google and type in “doll.” Are you looking for a large doll, small doll, a cartoon doll, an action figure doll, a Raggedy Ann doll, a Barbie doll, a celebrity doll? The possibilities at this point are limitless and you realize that the search results for “doll” are not giving you enough options so you go back and refine the search.

Many will use single phrases as a means of learning how best to refine their search. While this may prove valuable to the searcher it is essentially of no value to the sites listed. The better place to be is in the refined search results where the user is more likely to click through and buy.

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