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Learning and Teaching PPC

The true title should be “I Love My Job” … not so much because it is Pay-Per-Click, but more so because I am provided with the tools to do my job efficiently. In this ever changing world of the internet, things change so quickly that keeping up with the changes can be rough.

Not so with my job though cause ‘education time’ is built into the work day. One hour, every day, we’re to dedicate our time to research, study or just plain reading about our profession. I read so many posts a week – I wonder how those people actually get any work done outside their posting. I’ve mentioned in a previous post about reviewing and updating my PPC binder and I’ve been at it again. I have my binder organized into eight different categories thus far, including:

  • Setup
  • Copy
  • CTR
  • Keywords
  • Cost/Bid
  • Quality Score
  • Landing Pages
  • Tips

Just to tantalize you with some of the exciting information I have in my collection, I thought I’d let you in on who I’ve learned stuff from:

Ultimately I want people to be learning stuff from me too. And I’m getting there. Every time I create a new campaign and it gets fabulous CTR and rockin’ conversions, I know I’m getting closer. So stay tuned, you may just learn something yet.

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