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Top PPC Tip Lists – Everything You Need to Know

Maybe not quite a Top 10 Top 10 Reasons your PPC ads suck … but maybe.

Last week I was organizing my binder of helpful blog posts (read: old fashioned method of having something on hand to re-read later. ie hard copy paper trail version of del.icio.us) and I found at least 8 separate documents that in one way or another are lists of “Top ten mistakes made in PPC” “Top mistakes to avoid” “The reason your PPC ads suck” …. or some sort of variation on this theme.

And then on Friday I was catching up on reading Sphinn’s Hot topics and came across Top 10 Reasons Why ‘Top 10’ Lists are so Popular. This of course addresses exactly what I had noticed a long time ago, and yet was put obviously clear — in front of my face — as I organized my binder.

In case you missed it, here’s the list:

  1. They are easy to digest
  2. They encourage debate
  3. They’re inherently linkable
  4. They will spread and be shared
  5. They’re easy to write
  6. They are insightful and interesting
  7. They aid discovery
  8. People love statistics
  9. Everybody does them
  10. They fare particularly well on social news sites

Now since I know you’re just burning with interest to read the posts I have printed out in my binder … here is that list:

On a roll, I came up with more lists
‘TIP TOP’ Lists

  1. Top Tips for Writing Effective PPC Advertisements
  2. Improve Your Conversion Rates
  3. Top 5 PPC (Pay Per Click) Tips & Tricks
  4. 6 Completely Obvious Things I Know About Google Adwords that the Average User Doesn’t Seem to Know…
  5. Top 10 Tips and Tricks from Daily Blog Tips Project [Link no longer available] (with a list of 10 links to more top lists)
  6. PPC Tips (this is a forum post from 10/12/07 – no replies)
  7. Top Tips: PPC & Advertising Information (Search Google for “top tips ppc” and this is the #1 spot — a list of articles)
  8. PPC top tips from the Weboptimiser team (Starts off with ‘PPC stands for pay per click’…)
  9. Top Tips to Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Success (This one, from January 2004, is displaying ads for Overture …)

Most anyone finding their way to this ‘list’ of mine, will probably have already read ‘Top 10 Reasons Why ‘Top 10′ Lists are so Popular’ on Sphinn, but how many of you noticed the original post date for the hot topic? It went Hot on Sphinn October 19, 2007 — but was originally posted on July 21, 2006. Just goes to show, not only are top 10 lists here to stay, the information shared is valid for years!

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