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NASA's Google Earth Solution

An article over at New Scientist covers NASA’s solution to the overwhelming amount of atmosphere and climate data that they have been receiving due to an advanced monitoring system which they have deployed. The article describes NASA as being swamped by Terabytes of data streaming in daily from the Earth Observing System.
The solution is a simple piece of software that makes the data viewable and navigable through the user-friendly Google Earth interface.

According to NASA, the integrated solution named iEarth, will be available for use by anyone in April.

Max Speed

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2 Responses to NASA's Google Earth Solution

  1. Jonas Hartley says:

    It’s very sweet of Google to give NASA’s data a home. Nice to know that NASA deploys systems to gather data but hadn’t thought out what to do with it. There’s a decidedly consistent pattern of shortsighted endeavors by the powers that be. Although, I am a big fan of larges entities building massive underutilized systems that I get to play with, the internet for example.

  2. Seth Tachick says:

    Well that is nice of Google to step in and facilitate all that data… luckily our tax dollars are not at work for that one.