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"Other" Linking Strategies for SEOs: Part 2, Subcontracting Out Your Link Program

Have you considered subcontracting out your reciprocal link program? These days, “in-house” isn’t always the most efficient way to complete certain functions of your business. There are services out there that you can hire to do your reciprocal link building for you (a lot of these are based in India). I researched some of these services and they typically cost approximately $500 a month with an additional startup fee in the $250 range, with the promise of getting 70-100 reciprocal links a month… depending on your current page rank. Other “dedicated” link building services charge you per each reciprocal link acquired instead of a flat monthly fee. Typical prices with the different price model range from $8-11 per each link acquired. Thus, to attain 50 links for a client would costs approximately $500.

• Pros: The cost for outsourcing is really not half-bad, and can be quite competitive with current in-house link trading programs. Also, outsourcing will free up a lot valuable time that was previously spent on link research and maintenance.

• Cons: You have less control and “say” as to the outsourced link builder’s strategy and methods… definitely the element of good transparency is lost. You are at the link builder’s “mercy” in regard to the quality and quantity of links he decides to execute.

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