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Packaging Your Products to Sell

The book Call to Action talks about creating personas to help build a website that can be marketed to different people with different wants, needs, and personalities. This weekend I realized how important that really can be when trying to make a sale.

Sometimes it’s all about how you package something that helps you connect with the different personas who may be interested in your product or service. Check out these new “products” from Nabisco. Can you guess who these are being marketed to?

Nabisco 100 calorie packs

Pretty clever, if you ask me. So many of us go on diets, but we still like our treats. By packaging their cookies in 100-calorie packs, Nabisco is making it easy for you to have your snacks while keeping a count of your calorie input.

Dieters are probably not Nabisco’s primary audience when it comes to selling Oreo cookies, but I’ll bet they are able to pick up a substantial number of cookie-buyers with these new packs. I’m sure putting together this ‘persona’ took all of five minutes and they payoff will probably be well worth it.

How might you repackage your products or services in order to expand your buying audience?

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