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Poor Web Usability

Like many, I primarily use FireFox for browsing the web. Yeah, I know there are not as many of us as those that use Internet Explorer, but FireFox users are hovering right around 20% of the browser market.

Today, while trying to activate a new XM radio I came across this message:

We’re sorry, but the browser you are using is not supported. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please check the minimum browser requirements on the previous page before proceeding.

Hmmm… Minimum browser requirement?

I jumped back a page and see this:

Minimum Browser Requirement:

Cookies are enabled
Microsoft Internet Explorer – Version 5.01 and higher
Netscape Navigator – Version 4.x and higher
AOL – Version 7 and higher

Netscape and AOL have, as most, 5% of the browser market combined. Talk about missing the boat on usability.

Well, I’m off to dust off my Internet Explorer to complete my activation.

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