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Research Keyword Raw Data: Server Logs

Every time your site gets visited, that visit is recorded in what is called a server log. These logs, when analyzed correctly, can be a great resource for mining raw keyword data. The trail a visitor leaves behind in the log can be quite considerable giving you a goldmine of information. While the server logs record much more than keywords, this is the information we are primarily concerned with when doing keyword research. The server log maintains a record of every keyword phrase that was used as a search query which brought a visit to your website. This gives you a list of keywords that are already producing measurable amounts of traffic.

Analyzing other data in the server logs can help you determine if each keyword is also producing relevant traffic as you’ll find both relevant and non-relevant keyword phrases which were used to bring in visitors. Mine out the relevant phrases and add them to your raw keyword data list. The non-relevant phrases can later be used to edit words from your site in an effort to eliminate as much non-targeted traffic as possible.

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