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PubCon '06: Enter the Search Farrago

As our plane touched down in Vegas I had already finalized a firm and responsible schedule in my mind which included lots of rest for the morning ahead. By the time our limo pulled up to our hotel, I had made some serious alterations to my schedule;

  1. Forget the Schedule, allow Sin City to lull you into a hypnotic trance and then leave you at your doorstep (at an obscene hour of the night-morning) an unsightly ghost of your former respectable self.
  2. Throw responsibility out the window

Check, I followed my revised schedule perfectly and as Day one of PubCon ’06 dawned I left my room wearing the scars of the previous nights revelries.

On our way into the actual conference the PPM team stumbled upon a variety of technological conveniences that were strange and futuristic marvels to us Renoites. The image below shows two of my colleagues entranced by the universal-charge-your-cell-phone kiosk.
[image no longer available]
We arrived for registration (fashionably late) and as soon as I received my conference ID badge and handy schwag-bag I wasted no time taking advantage of the continental breakfast (thank you WebMaster World). Just as I was beginning to feel relatively alive again our day 1 keynote speech began. By the end of the keynote I felt really good. Actually kind of fired-up. And while the pastries and cranberry juice were very good, I think that my recovery had much more to do with the keynote speaker; Guy Kawasaki. If you took away all of the excellent advice, professional methodologies and practical tools that he shared with us (which were considerable), you would still have 60+ minutes of fascinating and engaging discussion.

In the following posts I will chronicle my adventures in the belly of the beast at WebMaster World ’06 with a play-by-play or rather session-by-session breakdown of PubCon Vegas.

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