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PubCon 2006 Vegas: PPC Ad & Landing Page Optimization

This week I will be posting a number of posts based on each of the sessions I attended at Webmaster World’s PubCon 2006 in Las Vegas. The first session I attended was on the topic of PPC Ad & Landing Page Optimization.

For the most part, the discussion specifically involved Google AdWords. As many PPC advertisers have been affected by Google’s latest changes, there was quite a bit of discussion on the topic of Quality Score (QS). I found some interesting nuggets of information from Brad Geddes of Local Launch. He mentioned that CTR is only factored into QS on the search network, not on the content network. Also, dynamic insertion does not affect QS.

Some good points were brought up about PPC goals. Before starting a new campaign you must establish your end goals first. What are you aiming for; optimum CPA, branding, volume of sales? Brad Geddes made the point that since it is a goal to get your ads to rank higher for less cost, then it is important to strive for a good QS that will save you money.

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