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Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Scott Buresh tells us in his article, “Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy: Make Love, Not War,” two different ways to approach Search Engine Optimization.

“The underlying premise of this search engine optimization strategy is that you must use optimization methods that trick the search engines into showing a website predominantly in the results since the site isn’t currently offering attributes that the search engines consider valuable.”

“I consistently hear from companies who are puzzled as to why their expensive, cutting-edge website is perpetually outranked by a site of perceived inferior quality – ‘our website is better than theirs’ or ‘we are a much bigger company’ are common remarks.”

“While it may take a little extra effort, I like to think of the relationship with search engines as a “partnership” in a real sense. We use optimization methods that apply the attributes search engines have deemed to be valuable to a website, which improves both the website and the website’s search engine rankings.”

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