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Stoney’s Top Blog Posts of 2014


Another year, another 67 blog posts. Yes, I have been quite busy (did I mention I also published a book in 2014?). But which posts really resonated with our audience? Check out my top 10 blog posts of 2014 and be sure to click through to read any articles you may have missed!

  1. How Social Media Changed SEO And Why Your Business Can’t Thrive Without It – We all know that SEO is constantly changing and evolving, but what became increasingly clear in 2014 was what an integral part social media was playing in the whole SEO picture. In this article from November, I asked, “Can SEO thrive without social media?” Read the article to find out my answer!
  2. 100+ Questions You Must Ask When Developing A Website – 100? Really? Yep! But by taking the time to answer all these questions, web designers can be sure to build a site that can hit the ground running when it comes to web marketing. The bottom line? All design should start with marketing.
  3. Keyword Research After The Keyword Tool, (Not Provided) & Hummingbird Apocalypse – The Google Hummingbird update spelled the end of keywords as we knew them and left many saying that keywords were irrelevant. But I debunked those rumors in this article, showing why keywords DO still matter and how to research them.
  4. The World’s Quickest (Authentic) SEO & Marketing Audit In 12+1 Steps – Audit. The word itself, whether it relates a dreaded visit by the IRS or a check of your website, is enough to give you a headache. I take the sting out of SEO/Marketing audits with this article, breaking them down into “12+1” easy-to-follow steps.
  5. 7 Lessons in Keyword Stupidity: How Not to Mess Up Keyword Research – I didn’t mince words in this post, which was the second half of #10 below. I knock down some of the dumbest, most foolish, and downright stoopid stupid types of keywords to go after.
  6. keyword-mistakesDon’t “Live. Die. Repeat.” Your Keyword Mistakes – Apparently, Hollywood didn’t take my advice because they made a doozy of a keyword error when they named their latest sci-fi thriller starring Tom Cruise. Fortunately, they corrected it in the DVD release, showing that you don’t have to Live. Die. Repeat. your keyword mistakes.
  7. Content Marketing Isn’t A Good Marketing Strategy After All – Don’t worry, I’m not saying that content is dead. Quite the contrary. However, I warn in this article that content is the means, not the end. Find out what you need to help content take on a life of its own and meet your real goal of driving sales.
  8. 21 Things Every Web Developer Should Be Doing – Once your web developer answers all the questions from #2, he/she can move on to this post that will help ensure that when your site is done, you can spend your time driving traffic to it rather than fixing mistakes.
  9. 5 Things SEO Clients Shouldn’t Worry About – With all the “to-do’s” in the list, here’s one blog post that tells you what you DON’T have to do. So sit back, and let your SEO experts do the dirty work!
  10. These Aren’t The Keywords You’re Looking For – The precursor to #5, this one illustrates the danger of optimizing for an overly broad keyword. Selling a hair dryer and think optimizing for “hot air” will bring tons of visitors your way? Probably not, especially if what they are really looking for is hot air balloons. This post will teach you how to put yourself in the mind of the searcher.

So there you have it. My top blog posts of 2014. Did your favorite post make the list? Let us know which one of my posts you enjoyed the most this year in the comments below.

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