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humanize website

5 Ways to Humanize Your Website

A website is the epicenter of your brand’s digital marketing presence. It’s the foundation upon which you build everything else. If your website doesn’t reflect your brand’s values, you’re going […]

How to Be a Playa…Digital Marketing Style

We’ve all seen the movie or the television show…or maybe the real life version. Some guy or gal who thinks they’re slick tries to juggle multiple boyfriends/girlfriends. One of them […]

visitor metric

The Value of the Visitor Metric

If you sell a product or service, tracking visits and visitors to your site has very little overall value as an independent metric. Where tracking visits does become valuable is […]

Don't lose your website voice

Don’t Lose Your (Website’s) Voice

Our websites need to be many things. Findable, usable and valuable all come to mind. Part of providing a valuable website is creating one that is unique from all the […]

Focus content on your visitors, not customers.

Focus on the Visitor, Not the Customer!

When writing content, it’s not always wise to focus on the customer. We’ve all heard it said that we are supposed to “sell the sizzle, not the steak.” Or, “focus […]