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You May Be An Idiot If…

Do you spend more money on your office every month than you do on your website? Well, with all due respect, you just may be an idiot. I’m not trying […]

Keep Your Online Marketing Budget Accountable

There seems to be a new online trend.  Businesses are jumping into online campaigns and throwing money at different marketing channels because “it’s the thing to do.”  They set a […]

Quantifying Your Website’s True Impact on Your Business

People that own companies or those in companies that make decisions on how to use a web marketing budget are shown, whether it’s their fault or not, too much website data that doesn’t directly relate to an impact on the bottom line. What’s wrong with this? Only looking at visits and pageviews gives an incomplete story of how a site is truly performing for its customers and the company. So when it’s time to decide how to invest, there’s nothing concrete that gives confidence in where to put money. To combat this problem, there needs to be a fundamental mindset shift to focusing on outcomes.