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Christmas with the Search Engines

Since movies can wait 10 or 20 years to produce a sequel, I thought that it wouldn’t be so out of sorts writing a sequel to a post from 2002. […]

Aren’t Dogpiles Supposed to Stink?

Back in the dark ages, long before Google entered the search market (and I used AOL shhhh, don’t tell), I found Dogpile.com and it instantly became my favorite engine. When […]

How to create a Negative Keyword list

Last week Yahoo posted a blog about how using the negative keywords helps increase relevance. Where they did provide a list of steps, I thought I’d take that a bit […]

Selling Pay-Per-Click & Buying Blue Men

I often over hear Stoney on the telephone, describing to a prospective client, exactly what Pay-Per-Click entails. These explanations vary from one call to the next of course, depending on […]

PPC Training 101

Coming from a background in training, I always appreciate a useful training tool. I found Chapter 4 “Paying to Play: Pay-Per-Click” by SitePoint Search Engine Marketing Kit, to be an […]

The SEO Fool's Errand for the SEO Fool

The other day I received an email from a client noting that some of his Yahoo rankings have slipped as of late. They are still ranking strong on Google as […]

Tafiti – Another New Way To Search

It seems as though the search engine landscape continues to grow. Recently, at SES 2007, I learned that the top four engines make up nearly 98% of all searches. This […]

An Interesting Find

I was visiting my neighborhood Wal-Mart last night and noticed an interesting find. A large display in the front of the store had four boxes full of Dell Computers. These […]

What Do Search Engines Really See?

A question has come up over at High Rankings Forum about where text should be placed on the page, or if it even matters. Many in the SEO community disagree […]