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MSN Search is now Live

The title of this post is kind of a play on words. MSN search is actually dead. But go to msn.com to search and you now get Microsoft’s Windows Live […]


It wasn’t long ago that MSN created a new meta tag to allow site owners to opt out of the search engine using ODP (a.k.a. DMOZ) descriptions in the search […]


MSN has released support for a new meta tag allowing webmasters to opt out of having MSN usingODP (a.k.a. DMOZ) descriptions in their search results. This is outstanding! What has […]

Browser War Hypocrisy

Google is complaining to the anti-trust department that Microsoft plans and having a search box, which by default is set to search MSN, with it’s new IE7. This version of […]

Microsoft Better than Google in Six?

Microsoft is backing down from claims that they will be more relevant than Google for U.S. searches within six months. Many tend to relate search engine relevance with search engine […]

Google = Traffic, AOL = Conversions

Webside story has just published a study on search engine conversion rates, for business to consumer e-commerce websites. Looking at both organic and paid results, the study found that AOL […]

Fight, fight, fight…

Google and Microsoft might soon be in a bidding war over Time Warner’s AOL. “Google and Microsoft may be taking their next battle out of the courtroom and into the […]

Penalties for Over Optimization

The SEO industry is a funny beast. I can’t think of any other industry where facts are debated so vigorously. Maybe that’s because we really have few facts to work […]

Google's Power is in it's Past

TheStreet.com has an interesting article about Google and the Power of Myth. It’s an interesting take on Google’s current power on the Internet. Mentioning PageRank as one of Google’s great […]

But Does She Satisfy You?

Both PC World and Forbes are reporting on a survey release by University of Michigan’s American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) regarding the customer satisfaction rate of the major search engines. […]

An Earth Without Apple

This is quite a musing, it appears that Microsoft (using an old satellite image) has deleted the existence of Apple Computer Headquarters. Not sure if this was intentional or not, […]