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Loopshot: Reno’s Worst Web Host Provider

Stoney has a relatively hands-off policy regarding what the team blogs about on (EMP). Occasionally he’ll give us some general direction or guidance (Titles, people! It’s all about titles!!!) and […]

Increasing PPC Clients

I am looking forward to 2008 – looking forward to increasing the number of PPC clients we manage. I started with Pole Position Marketing in May 2007 with 5 clients. […]

Selling Pay-Per-Click & Buying Blue Men

I often over hear Stoney on the telephone, describing to a prospective client, exactly what Pay-Per-Click entails. These explanations vary from one call to the next of course, depending on […]

Why, SEO?

The purpose of a search engine optimization marketing company is to carefully craft webpages and links in order to “optimize” the chance that their client’s pages will appear in the […]

Vegas Baby! Who's With Me?

Posting this week will be a bit lighter than normal. A little over seven hours from the time of me posting this most of my spectacular Reno SEO team and […]

Top 10 Reasons To Be Thankful

The Pole Position Marketing team would like to wish all our readers a happy Thanksgiving. I hope you enjoy a few days of R and R in the company of […]

8 Tips for Finding Exceptional Employees

Audio feed [audio:https://www.polepositionmarketing.com/emp/blog-audio/finding-employees.mp3] Finding good employees can often be difficult, especially in an “employees market”. Currently it seems it’s harder for employers to fill a job than it is for […]

Do You Pass The Test?

The loudest message I heard at the conference was TESTING, testing, testing. I tried to attend sessions that focused on Ads as much as possible, but found myself in sessions […]