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Theories in Duplicate Content Penalties

There are two kinds of duplicate content: content that is duplicated on multiple websites sites and content that is duplicated on multiple pages of a single site. I believe the […]

Selling Pay-Per-Click & Buying Blue Men

I often over hear Stoney on the telephone, describing to a prospective client, exactly what Pay-Per-Click entails. These explanations vary from one call to the next of course, depending on […]

Tafiti – Another New Way To Search

It seems as though the search engine landscape continues to grow. Recently, at SES 2007, I learned that the top four engines make up nearly 98% of all searches. This […]

How Well Do You Brand Yourself

I spent some time looking at several of the Search Engine Strategy speakers and how well each of them brands themselves in the search results. What I found was quite […]

Did Yahoo! Lose the War for the Crown?

Remember when Yahoo and Google were best buds? Well, more like Yahoo was the King and Google did his search work. Searching for “Yahoo Powered by Google” doesn’t return much […]

Is Google Manually Reviewing Their SERPs?

Google is notorious for trying not to intervene manually into its search results and instead let the algorithm weed out the non-relevant or spammy sites. That doesn’t mean that Google […]