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SEO is Like [Insert Analogy Here]

SEO is like a car. You can’t just ask “how much does SEO cost?” SEO is like food. Quick, cheap SEO and has little long-term value, while healthy SEO costs […]

PPC News and Notes – Mobile and the Future of Display Advertising

Wow, mobile is evolving fast. AT&T introduced location-based “ShopAlerts” in NY, SF, Chicago and LA. People can opt-in to receive offers and promotions via SMS or MMS when they physically enter a designated area defined by the advertiser (e.g. a mile from their store). This can help drive in-store traffic and reach mobile users in very specific markets. This is even more targeted than web-based and app-based advertising, but it is opt-in.

Google Instant Isn't Instant Gratification

Over the past few days, I’ve been playing around with Google Instant and reading a lot about it. There is a pretty broad range of opinion, and I’ve been drawing […]

5 Clichés That Make You a Better SEO

SEO can be a boring, monotonous job. But, it can also be an exciting detective trail of discovery. The hardest SEO jobs are those that are for websites that are […]

Directory Links = Paid Links. Or do they?

As the debate over paid links continues to wage a lot of innocent business owners get caught in the crossfire. They often hear bits and pieces of information and then […]

Aren’t Dogpiles Supposed to Stink?

Back in the dark ages, long before Google entered the search market (and I used AOL shhhh, don’t tell), I found Dogpile.com and it instantly became my favorite engine. When […]