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*Conversion Testing Not Included

I recently had a conversation with someone touching on the age-old discussion of rankings vs. conversions. While the gentleman I was conversing with agreed that SEO is more than just […]

So You Think Your Changes Will Help Your Customer? Prove It!

Two posts ago, I talked about the importance of laying a web analytics foundation for your company by measuring, valuing and analyzing the critical few visitor behaviors on your site that have an impact on your bottom line. In my last post, I talked about the step after that. That is to acquire the reasons the data you’ve collected is the way it is (the why?). Once you’ve listened to why your customers couldn’t complete whatever tasks they were trying to accomplish on your site, you should have a bunch of ideas on how to fix it.

SEO Testing?

Here is an interesting business concept for SEO. SEO Testing. $99/year allows you to submit SEO concepts for testing purposes to see if they work. With so many variables to […]