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Google Instant Isn't Instant Gratification

Over the past few days, I’ve been playing around with Google Instant and reading a lot about it. There is a pretty broad range of opinion, and I’ve been drawing […]

Smart Web Business Decisions Made Easier

Here is an absolutely delightful new little (but really huge!) feature in Google Analytics that should make anyone interested in improving their web business results smile from ear to ear. It’s called Weighted Sort.

The problem:

You want to find out how your keywords are performing for a particular metric, say bounce rate, because you want to improve the relevance of the visitors to your site. You jump into analytics to take a look at the Keyword Report, click on the bounce rate heading to sort bounce rates from worst to best, and you find this…

PPC Testing Made Easier with AdWords Campaign Experiments

If you take your PPC campaigns seriously (why wouldn’t you?), you’re always testing. Always. It’s the only way to accomplish long-term growth and gain insights that will translate into all of your other marketing channels. One problem that has been inherent since the beginning of PPC is the inability to do true A/B split-testing with variables like keywords, bids, ad text, ad groups, match types, dynamic keyword insertion, etc.

Take Your Online Business to New Heights with the Display Network – Part 2

Man, getting traffic can be so easy…. and dangerous to your bottom line. The truth is, there is an art and science to getting traffic just like any other vocation. It takes skill and knowledge to be successful. So, when it comes to utilizing the Display Network, you need to gather the knowledge that is going to enable you to use the tool correctly to accomplish your goals.

Using AdWords Bidding Options to Spend PPC Dollars More Intelligently

The guide for what bidding options to use in your PPC campaigns is the same for any other option – your marketing goals. What are you trying to accomplish with this campaign? Once you figure that out, then knowing the options available and which goals that fit well will help you more intelligently reach those goals.

Using Account Organization to Spend PPC Dollars More Intelligently – Part 2

In my last post, we took a look at a good reason for an account manager to make separate campaigns in an AdWords account. If you have a similar product with different profit margins and total profit, then you want to control how much you’re spending on each. In this post, we’ll explore more of the reasons to separate campaigns.

PPC Campaign Organization: Don't Forget Landing Pages

A common mistake I seen made when reviewing PPC campaigns is the failure to match keywords with their correct landing pages. Why does this happen? Probably because people are taught that their ad groups need to contain keywords that have similar words in them. What? Isn’t that right? Well…yes…and no.

It is true to an extent; but only to the extent that each of the keywords that you are grouping as similar should be landing on the same landing page. Ad groups should be organized not only for keywords, but also for landing pages.

when organizing your ad groups, ask the following two questions of your keywords:

1. Are the people using all of these search queries looking for exactly the same thing?
2. Should all of the people searching on these terms land on the same landing page? Or is there a better option available?