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Christmas with the Search Engines

Since movies can wait 10 or 20 years to produce a sequel, I thought that it wouldn’t be so out of sorts writing a sequel to a post from 2002. […]

Directory Links = Paid Links. Or do they?

As the debate over paid links continues to wage a lot of innocent business owners get caught in the crossfire. They often hear bits and pieces of information and then […]

Aren’t Dogpiles Supposed to Stink?

Back in the dark ages, long before Google entered the search market (and I used AOL shhhh, don’t tell), I found Dogpile.com and it instantly became my favorite engine. When […]

How to create a Negative Keyword list

Last week Yahoo posted a blog about how using the negative keywords helps increase relevance. Where they did provide a list of steps, I thought I’d take that a bit […]

Team Reading List 2.14.08

SEO Part Two: Why Use Yahoo! Answers Part Three: How To Use Yahoo! Answers What is your robots.txt file telling your competitors about you? How to SEO Your Site in […]

Living Outside the Social Media Bubble

Warning: This post contains nothing of substance and is primarily just a rambling of my thoughts regarding social marketing. You won’t learn anything here, but you may find someone of […]

Team Reading List 1.8.08

Link Building 52 ways to get quality link Don’t Blame Google For Your Own Linking Failures SEO Diagrams That Can Help You Define the Proper Anchor Text of Internal Links […]

Loopshot: Reno’s Worst Web Host Provider

Stoney has a relatively hands-off policy regarding what the team blogs about on (EMP). Occasionally he’ll give us some general direction or guidance (Titles, people! It’s all about titles!!!) and […]

The Best of EMP, December 2007

Social Media and Viral Marketing – Four Ways to Increase Your Odds – Michelle Montoya The All Mighty Thank You – Ashley Graham 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Copywriters – […]

Google vs Yahoo

Ok, I realize that most if not all SEO’s know about the below mentioned tool but I wanted to let everyone know about it. This is a neat tool to […]