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Selling Pay-Per-Click & Buying Blue Men

I often over hear Stoney on the telephone, describing to a prospective client, exactly what Pay-Per-Click entails. These explanations vary from one call to the next of course, depending on […]

PPC Training 101

Coming from a background in training, I always appreciate a useful training tool. I found Chapter 4 “Paying to Play: Pay-Per-Click” by SitePoint Search Engine Marketing Kit, to be an […]

Q&A with Max Speed

I’m back with another round of Q and A. I’d like to thank all none of you that took the time to submit the quality insightful questions below. If it […]

Team Reading List 11.5.07

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Review: Social Media Optimization Strategies

I think I would have titled SEOmoz’s Social Media Optimization Strategies differently. It’s more of a detailed look at the social media landscape and analysis of the major social media […]

Team Reading List 9.19.07

Quick security checklist for webmasters How to Optimize for Yahoo! 15 Link Building Methods, Get The Most Out Of Each Of Them

The SEO Fool's Errand for the SEO Fool

The other day I received an email from a client noting that some of his Yahoo rankings have slipped as of late. They are still ranking strong on Google as […]

Team Reading List 9.13.07

Hitchhikers Guide to Linkless SEO Making Sense of Linking and Site Promotion SEO Checklist: Fundamental steps for every SEO campaign Who’s using Yahoo Answers?

Tracking Down Yahoo Tracking Code

Could Yahoo make finding their conversion tracking code any more difficult? Good lord. I have several clients with existing Yahoo Search with their conversion tracking already in place. Now I’m […]

In A Nutshell: Yahoo Smart Ads

I’ve been reading up on Yahoo’s release of SmartAds, and of all of them I find Yahoo SmartAss the most amusing, probably because I like the play on words. Search […]