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Turn Your Internet Marketing Sprinkler Into a Firehose

Turn firehose on your internet marketing results

A lot of businesses tend to focus on only one or two areas of web marketing. The reasons for this vary, but it often comes down to what they think they need for their goals and what the business has the budget to support. Does that sound about right to you?

While every area of web marketing has merits and can bring it’s own value and success, the value of each by itself is only limited. Perhaps that’s all you want or need, but I suspect most businesses engaging in web marketing want more than a trickle of success from a single avenue. They are looking for the fire hose!

It used to be that focusing on on-page optimization and link building was all you needed to get top search engine rankings. Today, that is no longer true. Put aside the fact that there is virtually no consistency to top rankings anymore due to search engines using artificial intelligence as a ranking signal, personalization, localization and SERPs testing; there are a whole host of signals that require marketing beyond the page in order to rank.

SEO needs social media, which needs content, which needs a user-friendly website, which needs conversion strategies, which needs sensible navigation. One without the other has some benefit, but you’re missing out on a huge amount of potential

Focusing on only one area of web marketing is like filling a bucket with a sprinkler. You can do it, but it takes a long, long time. But turning on the fire hose fills your bucket fast. The question for many businesses is: How do you turn the fire hose on your web marketing? It all really comes down to knowledge and time invested in your campaign. The more time available, the more you’re able to do. The more knowledge you have, the more you can accomplish with your time.

Whether you’re doing web marketing yourself, have an in-house team or are hiring an agency, the time you invest will directly reflect in what can be achieved and the results you’ll get. Perhaps it’s time to stop thinking small. To stop expecting the trickle of web marketing you’re doing to turn into a plethora of new business.

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