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Does Your Website Design Make a Good First Impression?

Design Considerations Infographic Part 1

Your website is one of the first impressions that someone will get of your business. This means that the design of your site—how it looks and feels, how visitors interact with it, etc.—is critical to making a good first impression, not to mention keeping the visitor engaged from start to finish.

A website is far more than an informational brochure; it is an interactive experience with your company, services, products and more. The more you design your website to fulfill this interactive role, the more likely you are to have a website that actually generates money for your business. In fact, a properly built and designed website is an effective marketing tool that returns far more than it “costs” to create.

Great websites are built upon a base of industry-standard “best practices” that web users have come to expect. Venture too far outside of these practices and you run the risk of confusing, if not outright annoying, your visitors.

There are so many things that go into the design of a great website that we had to break this checklist into two parts. This portion covers some of the most critical design best practices. We encourage you test these points to ensure what is “best practice” is really best for YOUR website.

For more web design tips, see Part 2 of the Design Considerations Checklist!

Design Considerations Checklist Infographic Part 1

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