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Bad Web Hosting Experience

Speaking of selecting a web host provider, a couple of weeks a go I moved my site over to GoDaddy’s servers. They offered a considerable amount of services for a great price. But since I’ve moved I’ve noticed a considerable decrease in my daily allotment of emails.

Great spam filtering, right? That’s how Go Daddy puts it, but I’m not convinced. Since moving I get about 1/8 of my normal daily Google Alerts. What’s with that? Did Google suddenly get listed on the spam list?

After talking (read: complaining) to tech support for almost an hour today, they basically told me that there is nothing they can do about it. What they mean is that there is nothing that they want to do about it. At first the rep (and then later the rep’s supervisor) told me they use SpamHaus.org and that they are quite happy with the protection provided. After I threatened to find another provider his tune slightly changed to something along the lines that they know they have a problem but it’s not one that can be fixed overnight, but they are actively working on a solution. Uh huh.

The issue here is not really one of spam protection, but one of spam over-penalization. Why am I not getting my Google Alerts? According the the reps, its because the alert must have linked to a site that is in the SpamHaus database as a known spammer. The only fix is to submit the IP address of the offending sites to SpamHaus to get the penalty removed. That’s all well and good, but if I’m not getting emails in the first placed, how do I know what’s not getting through?

I just keep thinking of how many potential clients might be trying to contact me only to get bounced messages in return. That’s just plain bad for business. The worst part is that Go Daddy allows each email address to set its own spam filtering, from NONE all they way up to extreme. I have mine set to not filter at all and I’m still not getting my messages. Shouldn’t off be off?

So, here I am, off to find another web host. After all, I can’t do business if people cannot reach me via email.

Got any of your own server horror stories?

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