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Searching Locally

In the article “Local Search Is the Next Big Thing for Entrepreneurs,” Zorik Gordon from ReachLocal Inc. talks about how businesses, especially small businesses, can earn a significant amount of […]

#1 on Google Local

Last month I blogged about the Google Local Business center. We went in to add our site and within about a week received the verification card from Google. After that […]

Google Adds Local Business Center

Google has added a Local Business Center to allow any business to add their site to Google Local. I’ve just added Pole Position Web. Its a very simple process that […]

Great use for Google Local Search

I found an extremely excellent use for local search. I’m discussing Google primarily, here, as that is the only local search I’ve used, but here is what I found. Type […]

Local and Personalized Search

The Sky is Falling For years I’ve been hearing about the death of SEO. So far, those predictions have never come true, but there are some changes on the search […]

Thoughts on Local and Personalized Search

Today’s newsletter covers the topic of local and personalized search. When I began writing this issue I approached it from the belief that local/personalized search could very likely dominate all […]

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