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What Do You Do With Business Cards?

I went to a local networking event the other night and collected a bunch of business cards. Now what? It’s not a stretch to say that I collect hundreds, of […]

How Social Correlation Impacts SEO

  Many businesses jump on the social media bandwagon for no other reason than because someone told them they need to be doing it. While that may be true, it’s […]

Using AdWords Bidding Options to Spend PPC Dollars More Intelligently

The guide for what bidding options to use in your PPC campaigns is the same for any other option – your marketing goals. What are you trying to accomplish with this campaign? Once you figure that out, then knowing the options available and which goals that fit well will help you more intelligently reach those goals.

A Followup to Branding Issues Posts

I’ve gotten an overwhelming response to my two articles posted at Search Engine Guide outlining some of the self-branding issues of some of the Search Engine Strategies San Jose 2007 […]

How Well Do You Brand Yourself, Part II

Part II of my post on how the Search Engine Strategies speakers brand themselves is up over at Search Engine Guide. I provide a dissection of myself as well, and […]

How Well Do You Brand Yourself

I spent some time looking at several of the Search Engine Strategy speakers and how well each of them brands themselves in the search results. What I found was quite […]

Image is Everything

Last night I made a fool of myself. My son was in the finals in his Rookie baseball league. They had to play an undefeated team, if that team won, […]

Branding vs. Selling

Anne Kennedy is reporting in today’s Search Day article about recent studies that detail what types of phrases users use to search. Some of the surprising, almost counter-intuitive findings from […]