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(Don’t) SEO Defensively!

Web marketing rarely goes as planned. It’s not uncommon to dive into a site only to find issues that, if not fixed, can derail everything. Sometimes these are easy to […]

10 Keys to Successful SEO Client Management

There is an endless stream of information out there for web marketers to soak in. For a successful web marketer, education NEVER stops. But it takes more to succeed than simply […]

PPM Announces New Client: Baidu

Pole Position Marketing is pleased to announce that it has secured Chinese search engine Baidu as a client. Baidu has a long and storied history as one of the oldest search engines, […]

SEO is a Partnership, Not a Solo Endeavor

Where do the lines of responsibility of SEOs and their clients fall? Is the SEO solely responsible for the success or failure of the SEO client? Is the client responsible […]