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Under-rated Web Marketing Metric – Client/Agency Communication

For many businesses, a major benefit of outsourcing their web marketing strategy to a company like ours is the fact that they get the knowledge and skill of a whole web marketing team for what most of the time amounts to the cost of one (maybe two) employees. Depending on the nature of the business, that can be hard to beat. But, along with it comes a challenge – communication. We fought with this hard for a while sitting in meetings and brainstorming realistic ways in which to communicate better with clients while balancing the hours we spend doing this with formulating and implementing strategies to get results.

An SEO’s Bill of Rights

In an effort to provide clarity between SEOs and their clients, I created a bill of rights for SEO clients. This post covers the bill of rights for the SEOs. […]

Telling the Story of Your PPC Ad Tests With Time

Chad Summerhill wrote a nice post recently about something you should be doing if you manage your own PPC account and something you should be showing your clients if you manage accounts for others – visual statistically significant ad test results by time period. Check out the “how-to” in that post.

Are You Preaching to the Converted?

There is an odd phenomenon that I have noticed in the world of websites. There is a small, yet vocal, group of people that love crap! Time and time again, […]

7 Worst Things (Bad) SEO Clients Do

There are clients SEOs love to have… and then there are those other kind. Every SEO has them and very few SEOs can be so selective as to weed out […]

7 Best Things (Good) SEO Clients Do

It’s amazing how much can get accomplished when you’ve got a good client and a good SEO working together. Unlike many other forms of advertising and marketing, the success of […]