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Breadcrumbs and URLs: A Match Made for Google

If you’ve been paying attention to search results lately, you have probably noticed that Google often replaces the URLs with breadcrumb trails. The search below perfectly captures Google changing one […]

The Secret Risk of Crappy URLs

SEOs haven’t always considered considered the “usability” of web page URLs as part of their marketing strategies. Typically, they approached this from the keyword perspective. But with today’s algorithms, URL […]

Breaking Bad (URLs)

Web marketers have almost always believed that using keywords in URLs helped improve your search engine rankings. The exact value of keywords in URLs has always been debated with the […]

URL Readability Still Matters

Over the years, many things that were important for optimization have become less so. But even as the search engines add, remove or tweak the factors in their algorithms, even […]

Customize Your Blog Post URLs

Did you know you can customize your URLs for each of your blog posts? No, I’m not just talking about adding “/blog” into your URL structure, but actually customizing the […]

Three Easy Steps to Achieve IA Greatness

We live in a digital age, but haven’t quite gotten to that mythical paperless society that we’ve been reading about for the past couple of decades. Those of us that […]