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3 Ways to Make Website Guests Feel Welcomed

Previously I addressed the need to treat your website visitors more like guests. There are some very distinct differences between the two, one of which is that visitors don’t mind […]

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Your Website Content Should Show, Not Tell

Have you ever had trouble finding something in the supermarket or hardware store, only to have an employee point you in the “right” direction and leave it at that? More […]

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website guests

Roll Out the Red Carpet for Your Website Guests

We all know what’s it’s like when someone just drops in on us. We’re flustered. Unprepared. The house is always a mess. But when we are expecting a guest, it’s […]

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keep search engine rankings

Turn Your Rented Search Rankings Into a Long-Term Lease

The search engine rankings you have today, or those you get tomorrow, will always be temporary. Google is always looking for the best tenants to hold those top positions, which […]

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How To Use Keywords To Create a Better Experience On Your Site

Keyword research is quite often the starting point for any digital marketing campaign. Keywords affect everything from the design of the website to its messaging, navigation, and content. If you’re […]

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User Experience Trumps SEO…Most of the Time

I recently had the opportunity to share my thoughts on SEO and user experience in a Facebook Live session on Search Engine Journal‘s Facebook page. The Facebook Live session was […]

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