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Why You Can’t Half @ss Web Marketing

So you’re “doing SEO” now. That’s great, really. But if by “doing SEO” you mean that you are doing basic on-page optimization, such as adding some keywords here and there, I […]

The Secret Formula for #1 Google Rankings

Everybody wants ’em but nobody can tell you how to get ’em – #1 Google rankings. Until now that is! I’m spilling the SEO beans and answering the unanswerable question. […]

3 Quick Web Marketing Victories

Getting frustrated because your SEO efforts just don’t seem to be paying off? You are not alone. A well run SEO campaign WILL show results over time, but you aren’t […]

A Simple Overview of Meta Tags

It always amazes me at the number of people I come across who equate SEO with “adding keywords to meta tags.” As if SEO is a bag of magic beans […]

The Difference between Good SEO and Great SEO

Designing a great looking website is good. Putting it on a strong information architecture is better. Rolling out a newly optimized website is good. Checking it first is better. Investing […]

Three Easy Steps to Achieve IA Greatness

We live in a digital age, but haven’t quite gotten to that mythical paperless society that we’ve been reading about for the past couple of decades. Those of us that […]