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Constructing Effective Web Pages: Body Content

Body Content

Aside from the title tag, the visible text of each web page is the single most important element for marketing purposes. Body content is located between the < body > tags (along with other elements) and usually found in < p > (paragraph) tags.

< body >

< h2 >Finding the Perfect SEO Firm< /h2 >
< p >SEO companies come in all shapes and sizes. You’ve got your solo… < /p >

< /body >

Many website owners don’t like a lot of text and rather go for the visual effect. Recent online case studies, however, have proven that quality text is one of the most essential elements of selling the visitor on your product or service. The visible text is also what is heavily analyzed by the search engines.

It’s important that the textual content be in HTML form and not embedded within images or JavaScript as search engines cannot read text in these elements causing them be to virtually invisible. Be sure to utilize your important keywords within the textual content but don’t try to stuff them in everywhere you can. Text should be written in the best natural language possible, clear of grammatical and spelling errors. There is nothing like a poorly written website to make customers quickly leave for a more “professional” competitor.

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